The Industry’s Most Trusted Platform

The Industry’s Most Trusted Platform

trustedplatformProformative is the largest and fastest-growing online community and resource for CFOs, senior-level corporate finance, accounting, treasury and related-industry leaders, and has literally transformed the way that corporate finance professionals connect and build networks, evaluate products and services, educate themselves and their colleagues, and grow their businesses.

The role of today’s CFO and finance executives has shifted significantly over the past decade. Increasingly called upon to take a broader leadership role in the enterprise, assume responsibility for large swaths of administrative functions and work directly with the company board of directors and shareholders, they are, in essence, acting as CEO on a day-to-day basis.

The evolution in strategic finance leadership has created a new set of imperatives for a senior-level, highly active community dependent upon trusted relationships, focused information and continual education. These imperatives formed the foundation on which Proformative was launched in 2009 by four-time CFO John Kogan and industry veteran Greg Stout. Today, Proformative provides the single-most trusted platform on which finance, accounting and treasury executives build their network, exchange information, grow their knowledge, and quickly and easily solve pressing business challenges.

Proformative’s peer-driven community model has revolutionized the way the Office of the CFO conducts their day-to-day business. We do this through our peer-based online resource, world-class conferences and educational programs, B2B marketplace, and a range of other business tools. Proformative is the only finance executive-focused resource that offers a credible, professional, “noise-free” platform within which to ask questions, share knowledge, and take advantage of trusted resources and real-world experience amongst an unmatched peer-network.

The Proformative Community

Proformative reaches hundreds of thousands of corporate finance and business executives at companies ranging from small start-ups to the Fortune 500. Our users are highly active and engaged in their pursuit of networking and knowledge from their peers—in fact more than half have taken action on the site—whether they download, enroll, ask, share, review or post.

Our community-driven content, which comes from thousands of senior level professionals and renowned subject matter experts, allows our constituency to make better business decisions and engage with a network of peers, mentors, service providers and thought-leaders. Learn more about our community.

Our Business Partners

Proformative serves a highly engaged, executive-level community of buyers and knowledge seekers actively searching for advice, answers and solutions to their daily business challenges.  We provide a range of channels for our business partners to directly connect with our audience and build credibility, create relationships, cultivate influence, nurture brand building and directly generate business. Our clients include companies that address all the various products and services directly impacted by the Office of the CFO: finance technology, consulting services, benefits, corporate liability insurance, and more.

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