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Our Clients

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Proformative is the largest and fastest-growing online community and resource for CFOs, senior level corporate finance, accounting, treasury and related-industry leaders. Our clients include companies that address all the various products and services directly impacted by the Office of the CFO: finance technology, consulting services, benefits, corporate liability insurance, and more. We have had the privilege working with startups and Fortune 500 companies alike, and are committed to delivering measurably effective, impactful programs and a range of channels to drive thought-leadership and branding for all our business partners. Here’s what a few of our clients—and members—have to say:

Alight Planning

In partnering with Proformative and fully developing our company ‘footprint’ on their Exchange we instantly saw high quality leads, greater branding exposure and strong ROI.

Ben Lamorte Vice President

Host Analytics

In partnering with Proformative we instantly saw high quality leads, greater brand exposure and strong ROI.

Keri Brook VP of Marketing


We continually evaluate marketing channels and new opportunities to drive brand awareness, educate our target audience and accelerate our company momentum. As one of the largest and most engaged corporate finance communities, Proformative has proven to be a valuable channel for our marketing efforts.

Amy Bauer VP Corporate Marketing


Proformative has filled a void in the industry by taking a leadership position in providing the finance community much-needed access to information about emerging technologies and enterprise solutions. We’ve been able to further the NetSuite brand to the office of the CFO and directly connect with our target audience.

Mini Peiris VP Global Marketing


With the constant changes in the office of the CFO, the demand for a business finance community like Proformative has never been more necessary. I am pleased to be able to contribute to the growth of this fast-growing community.

Dr. Eric Ball SVP & Treasurer


Proformative offers an extremely compelling value proposition. The company has cultivated a very active community based on open exchange and peer-to-peer information-sharing. Trust and community engagement are highly valued commodities in an increasingly noisy marketing environment and we’re thrilled to be able to successfully reach such an influential demographic as part of our marketing and branding efforts.

Paul Barber Chief Executive Officer


The CFO Dimensions Conference is a great experience for us. I like the setting and the ability to interact with folks, and they can ask questions directly. I spent twenty minutes here after my presentation answering extra questions about where should I have my business unit controller in France report to and how do I get my team to work better together. So that’s a real great opportunity for us and the event has the right length. You can get a couple of concepts out there and you focus on the big things, and then just engage in a dialogue.

Don Rupprecht Partner


SAP has been involved with Proformative for a couple of years now and my first experience with Proformative was doing some Webinars with them earlier in the year. The thing that intrigued us about Proformative is their large finance audience. It’s important for us to reach the finance audience and Proformative gave us that avenue, so we’re very delighted to be partnering with Proformative for events like this.

Karuna Mukherjea Director, Solutions Marketing

Western Union

We work very closely with Proformative with various events they do throughout the United States. We do quite a few webinars with them as well. It’s been very important to our business to continue that relationship because we’re able to drive new revenue from a lot of the events that Proformative is constantly putting on across the country.

Jeffrey Goldshire Western Union

Our Clients